"As part of VH1's brand creative team I've had the pleasure of working with Alison for 10 years. Alison is a solid switch hitting designer who possesses an array of skills from creating branded content for social media to traditional graphic design. Her experience at VH1 has exposed her to branding, advertising, and to creating digital content, and as a member of my team, Alison never hesitated to help me with any job large or small."
Phil D. - VP of Design

"Alison is a talented designer, and an incredibly hard worker. She is very detailed oriented, and passionate about design. She continues to learn and research about new technologies which makes her a great asset to have on your team. A solid person and a great teammate."
Jesse R. - VP of Design

"I have known Alison for over ten years and have watched her passion, drive, and talent blossom into an incredible career. She's talented, hard-working, and honest. She is professional and extremely skilled. Her creativity is contagious. Her attention to detail is staggering. Alison is the type of person that makes everyone around them want to be better at what they do. Alison is a first-round draft pick. Any team would be lucky to have her."
Patrick B. - Creative Director

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"I've always admired Alison's work even though we haven't worked together. As a fellow designer and friend, it's apparent to me that she handles each project with a great deal of care. This isn't something that I come across very often. Her attention to detail, vibrancy in the work, and the manner in which she talks about design shows me that she really loves being a designer – and she's damn good at it. I only wish I had the opportunity to work with her."
Christine R. - Director of Design